Our open volunteer positions are listed below. We are currently filling program and operational support roles that require a longer commitment period and specific experience. Looking for a more casual commitment or hands-on work with dogs? Check our resources page for some local recommendations or check back here in the future. 

Full Bellies Fund Director

The Full Bellies Fund (FBF) Program Director is responsible for overseeing BAPBR's dog food bank, including managing all applications and clients, maintaining and tracking dog food inventory, scheduling and coordinating dog food deliveries/pick-ups, and seeking out new partnerships. Learn more...

I’ve been a BAPBR volunteer for over 7 years and I wholeheartedly support what they stand for. Whether my schedule allows me to help a lot or just a few hours here and there, the BAPBR group is always so grateful and accommodating. They are a family I’ve grown to love over the years and am proud to be a part of their mission.
— Amber, BAPBR Volunteer