Veterinary Clinics

The following veterinary practices generously partner with our organization to offer spay/neuter services (and sometimes vaccines and urgent veterinary care when funds allow) at a reduced cost for dogs in our Snip Your Pit program. We thank them and recommend them to our friends:

Community Shelters, Rescues and Non-Profits

BAPBR works with the following shelters, rescues and non-profits in a variety of ways to promote adoptable dogs, leverage resources and maximize impact.

Pet Supply Stores

The following pet-centric stores have generously supported BAPBR by sponsoring events and making monetary or product donations that are crucial to our continued success.

Community Support

The following organizations and businesses have generously supported BAPBR through the donation of space, goods and services. Some we partner with regularly for events.

Is your business interested in donating products or services to help support our cause? Would your organization like to partner with BAPBR?